• HANDS-FREE DESIGN – Our luffa back scrubber changes the way you wash your back with its hands-free, ergonomic, and no-reach design that hugs and fits the contours of your back. Unlike other back loofahs that only allow you to reach a small part of your back, Luffoliate cleanses and exfoliates your entire back and shoulders, reaching all those hard-to-clean areas.
  • UNIVERSAL USE – Whether you just want to treat your back to a comforting and effortless cleanse or have suffered injuries, battle acne-prone skin, or muscle pain, our product is meant for everyone who is searching for a creative solution to prevent strain, pain, and reaching.
  • A WEALTH OF BENEFITS – The all-natural luffa is perfect for all types of skin. It removes dirt, dead skin, deep pores and excess oils.
  • QUICK INSTALLATION – The suction cups can be easily and securely attached to your shower wall. Simply install the luffa pad on the board, spray your favorite-body wash on the pad and scrub away!
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES – With your package, you will receive the Luffoliate board with 4 strong suction cups, the 100% natural luffa pad, a small hand luffa, and a refillable spray bottle for your favorite body wash.

Luffoliate – Exfoliating Hands-Free Shower Loofah Back Scrubber


Medium and small sizes do not include the small hand luffa and refillable spray bottle.


SIZE LARGE: Requires 4 x 4 tiles or larger for suction cups to secure air-tight against shower wall.

SIZES SMALL & MEDIUM: Require 3 x 3 tiles or larger for suction cups to secure air-tight against shower wall.


​Minimum surface tile size required for suction cups to adhere to shower tiles –See Measurement Chart on box. If suction cups are too large for tiles, the suction may loosen and can cause the board to fall off wall, causing injury. Cannot be used on small mosaic or small decorative tiles as tiles must be larger than the suction cup/s diameter. Please keep out of the reach of children. Overuse/over scrubbing with Luffa can cause irritation-Limit usage to three times per week.  Do not share Luffa Pads. If you are allergic to Luffa, please do not use this product.

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